It should be.

My life would be SO much easier if making cartoons was a viable income at this point in my life. As such, it is not. It pays for gas, and dinner every now and again, but that’s about it. Add that to the cost of living in CA, and well…you get the idea.

The cartoonist profession is evolving dramatically. The failing of the newspaper industry is completely changing the landscape. Artists are forgetting all about the syndicates (who by the way, take a whopping 50% of a cartoonist’s profits), and venturing out into the world on their own. I see it as a great thing, and a not so great thing. On the one hand, the expression is more pure. The artist is his own boss. And the internet makes it possible for him to say whatever he deems fit (that can be great, and terrible all at the same time…). But then, artists and us creative people are not usually the best at promotion and marketing, and finding work, and all that jazz. We just like cartoons.

Anyway, somewhere in there is a gloriously happy medium where people like me can be creative and have a decent job. If you should happen to stumble across one of those…I’m pretty sure I put an email button on this site somewhere…oh yes…there it is…just a little ways above the “donate” button… -cough-