One of my absolute favorite things to do when riding roller coasters is to figure out where the camera is and try to get a good picture. It all started many, many, many, years ago when this guy (who would later become my brother in law), and I rode some roller coaster by the beach. The line was really short, and since we fear no roller coaster we went again and again. We figured out where the camera was and made sure to plan something bizarre for the photo.

From that moment on, I loved finding the camera and trying to do something in that fraction of a second that we would later find amusing. If you haven’t already done so, I highly recommend it. The possibilities are endless, really. You can scream really loud, or pretend to be ridiculously scared, you can take a phone call, or just do the most awkward and somewhat disturbing thing you can think of at a moment’s notice. The point is to have fun with it, and laugh about it later.

Have a good roller coaster you’re especially proud of? E-mail it on over to me. I’d love a good laugh.