I know I’m not really dying. Not really. But I’m not going to be 29 much longer. And 29 is significant to me. For me, 29 is really really lucky. Kind of like the lucky underwear that you wear during the playoffs. Yeah, that’s right. I know about your lucky underwear. So I’m a little saddened this year as my birthday looms nearer. Not because I’m entering a new decade that in my still adolescent mind is reserved only for old boring people who don’t play dodge ball, but because my lucky year will be expiring. And it has been a good year. One of the best actually. I finished school. I paid off some debts. My baseball team won the World Series. This website was relaunched. It’s been a pretty rockin’ good year, and I shouldn’t complain. But I’m going to miss being in my 20′s. But that’s ok I suppose…because I fully intend to pretend that I’m still in them. I’m pretty sure that’s part of being in your 30′s.

In case you hadn’t noticed, Raccoon Toons is doing comic strips 5 DAYS a week for this month! So be sure to check back M-F for the next several weeks!