I’m late. I know. I’m sorry. But considering how much work I have on my plate right now you should be very happy you get a comic strip this week. You’re so lucky. So special. I must really care about you. Almost as much as my collection of Chili’s coasters. But nowhere near as much as my collection of soda tabs. Somewhere in between. That is how much I love you. Internet hug.

So this comic strip has pretty much been my week. I have a ton of work that came my way, which is great, but it’s been keeping me really, really busy. But no worries. I’m still here. In between my teaching and my huge workloads of video editing and videography I’ll always manage to squeak in a weekly comic strip. I won’t become one of those cartoonists who hook you with decent cartoons, only to ultimately leave you and the cartoon world desolate and comic-less. No. I will remain. I will persevere. I will not make my world empty, barren, and fan-less.

So once again, sorry I’m late. But no worries. I still love you.